Guided Meditations

Guided Mediation Classes at Enosis Medi Spa Ringwood Melbourne

Additional Info

  • Duration:

    60 minutes

    Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
    Where: Level 1: 3-5 Loughnan Road, Ringwood

  • Service Amount:

    $25 per month

    Please arrive on time as doors will be locked once the meditation commences.

    Bookings Essential

    To make a booking call 9879-7461 or 1300 323 203​

Enosis Wellness Services

During the 4 weeks you will have the opportunity to experience a number of styles of meditation:
1. Guided meditation. 

You are taken on an inner journey experiencing deep relaxation, strengthening self-esteem, and installing an internal ‘anchor’ so that the peaceful relaxed feeling can be re-accessed at any time.
2. Mindfulness meditation. 

You are guided to bring your focus in, and down. You are shown how to bring your attention to the breath, the body, the sounds, so that the mind has the opportunity to naturally quieten and let go.
Included in the four week package is:

•    A mp3 recording of both the above for you to take home
•    A small taste of hypnosis how it aids the meditation process.
•    Information on- what is anxiety (fight flight response), how the body experiences anxiety, and the difference between anxiety and stress… and strategies for change.
•    Gift bag with vouchers to Sauna and relaxation therapies.

Who will guide you:

Glenn Robertson, has spent 6 months in an Ashram in India, meditating and learning the art of meditation, on how to still the mind and focus. As a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist he combines both meditation and hypnosis to provide his clients with the best possible tools to deal with stress and anxiety in every day life. More on Glenn follow the link


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