Celebrate the wins – big or small!

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Celebrate the Wins! Big or Small! -  Enosis Life Coaching 02 June 2018 Celebrate the Wins! Big or Small! - Enosis Life Coaching

This month marks 12 years of Coaching. I can’t imagine what my life would be like today if I hadn’t picked up the phone and asked, “What does your course entail”. The path of Coaching has not been easy as each new client has pushed me to be my best, and if I didn’t know how, I learned to look for answers.

Along the way I met some pretty interesting people with stories not unlike mine. You could say they held the mirror up for me. With each new client I expanded my knowledge base and tool base on human behaviours, self-imposed limitations, anxiety, pain, happiness and elation. Every emotion a human will and can experience in a lifetime.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned since I started my Coaching journey:

1.    In the beginning it takes one step
I was confused and lost when I started my Coaching journey. Like many women we get lost in the realms of motherhood, domestication, nurturer and carer. I could not remember what it was like to be ME. I had forgotten about my dreams and aspirations. Whilst I was a brilliant mum, fantastic wife and I excelled at being a housewife – somehow, something was missing. Take the first step to find out what makes you happy, just by asking yourself.

2.    Excuses are lies
No one likes to be lied to, yet I had been lying to myself. I told myself all sorts of stories to justify why I shouldn’t follow my heart and keep doing what I was doing playing it safe. But then I realised how unhappy I was and I decided to take charge. Don’t believe the lies you are telling yourself – stop making excuses.

3.    A positive mindset is essential
I made sure I read my mantra each day and took a daily walk in nature to ground me. I learned to say positive things to myself and be my own cheer squad. Stop relying on others to lift you up, do it for yourself and be your own best friend.

4.    I had to be open to learn
Every year I enrol myself into a course to learn something new and to grow my skill set; to benefit not only myself, but also my clients. I asked questions, I read books and treated my learning as important as a job – because it was.

5.    Getting started is the hardest step
I remember my first Coaching session and how I felt: a mixture of fear, joy, mental block, empowering, rewarding, doubt and WOW. It was after the first session that I decided that, “This is what I want to do”. I wanted to feel all those feelings. It made me feel alive!

6.    I had to be accountable for my own actions
In my work as a Coach, I almost always leave my clients with a ‘homework assignment’— a task or action they want to and agree to complete prior to our next Coaching conversation. I make sure I let them know I will follow up. This I also do for myself. I assign my friends, my hubby my children to follow up with me, anyone willing to take on the assignment.

7.    Giving up wasn’t an option
I remember there were two voices in my head. One was saying, “It’s too hard, what are you doing, what do you have to prove?’ but the other voice was saying, “You can do this, don’t give up on yourself and your dreams’. So, make sure you listen to the voice that supports you and keeps you on track.

8.    Support helps
Can’t go it alone. My family was my biggest support group, and as I continue to grow into my business, I find that my clients are my biggest supporters too. They reminded me how good I am at Coaching and how good it feels to Coach.
9.    Anything is possible – This one is simple. Give it your all and never give up on YOU! 10.    I focus on what I want, not what I fear
I stopped focusing on what I thought I was missing out on. I decided to focus on all the good things that had come my way. I visualised myself Coaching in a centre, doing workshops and travelling while I work. I did it until the fear left. Now I see it as a challenge, a new opportunity.

I hope by sharing my coaching journey you are inspired to go on your journey. If you have problems starting on your journey reach out to me and together we will find the way.
Come join me, it’s an awesome place to be.
“Know your beauty, know your mastery, know your wisdom”.


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