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When I was a teenager I used to look at every 50 year old as being “OLD” now that I am 50 myself I feel anything but “OLD”!!!!!!. As my 50th birthday came and went, I’ve had many days of self reflection (as you do), digging, learning, and growing. I reflected on my dreams, relationships, my family, how I wanted my business to grow, how I wanted to feel, and the person I wanted to be.

Here’s what my 50 year old self taught me:- 1.    Taking charge is so much FUN! Better late than never.  Yes I admit there were times when I could of just kept wishing and dreaming, and hoping that there will be a miraculous change without me having to do any of the hard work. However, my 50 year old wise self said “NO GO” and pushed me into action.

2.    Show the universe you’re serious. I had to show the universe I was somewhat serious so created an everyday energetic momentum, by reading something positive, watching something exciting, research something that interested me, learn something new, jotting down ideas no matter how stupid they looked or sounded. Growth is inevitable.

3.    Life passes in the blink of an eye. It’s so easy to stay where it’s safe, warm and fuzzy (regardless of whether I like it or not). Sometimes you have to go with the change and embrace it. Do what is important to me.

4.    Live by my values. Honesty, Fun, Integrity, Love. Finding, and amplifying my own joy and happiness. One of my values is FUN. It hit me one day, that I had to reconnect with myself and let go of what I could not control, start enjoying what I had created.

5.    Don’t take CRAP from others. My 50 year old self taught me not to take on others CRAP. If a person is constantly giving you shit, or forcing you to deal with their baggage, then it's okay to put up a wall and take a breather for yourself. It's not healthy to let someone else dictate when and how you feel things, and what issues you prioritize.

6.    To go forward with “Grace”- approach each challenge with grace. Allow your intuition to guide you and your wisdom to act with love and understanding. There is still so much ahead to experience- wonderful highs and some devastating lows.
When you loose your way, call back your self by living your values.


Dance like nobody’s watching.
Love like you’ve never had a broken heart.
Sing like nobody’s listening and
Live like there’s no Tomorrow.

If you do not know how to deal with the 50’s, coaching maybe just for you. Coaching unlocks more portential in YOU, encouraging you to seek new horizons, and live a healthy, vibrant and successful life.
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