Eco Tan Organic Tanning

Eco Tan Organic Tanning Solutions

Additional Info

  • Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Service Amount: Full Body $35
    Upper Body (chest, arms, face) $25
    Lower Body (legs) $20
    Face $10

Enosis Day Spa

Get the ultimate golden glow – toxic free

In 2010, not only was there not a single organic self-tanning product on the market, but also potential health risks related to common ingredients used in many fake tans. It was in these very moments of research, that Sonya Driver made a difference and created Eco Tan, Australia’s only organically certified tanning company.

True to our philosophy of caring for the mind, body and soul, we incorporate natural and organic products that are cruelty free, as well as free from harmful chemicals. The colour in Eco Tan is derived from cacao (chocolate), and therefore does not contain green or orange tones. Eco Tan products also do not contain synthetic ingredients, synthetic fragrances or GMO’s.

Unlike other brands, which produce different colours for different skin tones, with Eco Tan, the desired colour is achieved by the amount of tan applied as well as the duration in which you let it set.


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