4 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

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Mindfulness 03 September 2015 Mindfulness

4 Ways to Practice Mindfulness - The Enosis CLAP Model

Our Health & Wellbeing Coach, Maria Ganis introduced the Enosis CLAP model into to the centre, with the hope that all those who enter, beit staff or clients, understand the importance of mindfulness. Whether it is through treatments and classes, or through customer service and experience, she believes that we must all practice mindfulness. She defines mindfulness as

'Entering into a new relationship with the present moment, where we can cultivate our potential to experience each moment, no matter how difficult, intense or stressful, with serenity and clarity.'

The CLAP model consists of four easy and simple, yet effective ways to get you practicing mindfulness. 

Check in with yourself

From day to day we tend to operate on autopilot, unaware of what's actually going on. For instance, we may eat a whole chocolate bar whilst watching television without actually noticing the taste, textures, size or shape. Being fully present for any activity allows us to be the best person we can be - because we are not caught up in our thoughts. We can bring ourselves into the present moment by asking "what is going on with me at the moment?" It helps if we then label our thoughts and feelings, like "I'm having anxious feelings." 

Let go

Operating on autopilot can often result in an unbalance of life and health. In order to bring both the physical and mental into alignment we must practice relaxation techniques. Techniques such as MassageReiki, and Far Infrared Therapy have many physical benefits including slowing your heart rate, reducing blood pressure and muscle tension, and helping you manage stress. However they are also proven to restore focus and create mindfulness, as the individual's body is cleared of stagnate energy. 

Be Aware

Being unaware and unbalance can often lead us to having more negative thoughts than positive ones. Mindfulness Meditation allows us to create a new relationship with our thoughts - to first disconnect from them, and then to connect to them to the present moment. By simply closing our eyes, we can practice observing our thinking by noticing what the mind does. 

Align your Visions & Values

Our personal values are our heart's desire for the sort of person we want to be and the things we want to do in our time on this planet. In other words, 'what we want to stand for in life.' At Enosis, our Health & Wellbeing Coach speacialises in values, and has introduced Value Based Workshops where we are encouraged to learn to align our visions with our values to create what we want in life. Having an understanding of our values is an integral compenent to being present.   


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