Enosis Journey: Guest Post

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Enosis Journey: Guest Post 13 October 2015

Enosis Journey: Guest Post

A revitalising union of health and wellness

Nurturing your body is an imperative when stress levels are up and there's no immediate relief in sight. Whether it's some meditation before bed, a walk around the block, or enjoying a cup of tea, taking the time out is more valuable than ever. But if your mind and body need a more dramatic change to take positive effect – we have a wellness destination in mind – Enosis Medi-spa and Wellness Centre. Translating to "union" in Greek, Enosis aims to achieve the ultimate balance between mind, body and soul. "Our objective is for all of our clients to leave inwardly and outwardly renewed, producing a fundamental change," says Maria Ganis, Founder of Enosis. At the time of our visit, things were crazy to say the least. Amongst the website maintenance, family funerals and the hustle and bustle of day jobs – a night off was well and truly needed.

And once we stepped our exhausted feet and open minds into Enosis, the magic began to happen.  

Enosis’ marketing manager Vanessa (who is also Maria’s daughter) warmly welcomes us into the invigorating space. We commence our personalised treatment while sipping herbal tea with a questionnaire based on Ayurvedic principles. This list of health and wellness questions determines our main Dosha. Doshas are three forces responsible for governing our biological processes. The Vata Dosha is energy that controls bodily functions related with motion, such as circulation and breath. The Pitta Dosha is energy dealing with the metabolic systems of the body. The Kapha Dosha is energy that controls growth in the body, such as hydrating the skin and looking after the immune system. Quite often we are a blend of two Doshas, and after our evaluation, Blake is primarily Kapha while I am mostly Pitta.

When we walk into our massage room, we become immersed in the relaxed nature of our surroundings – tea light candles scattered across the floor, positive affirmation stones on our massage tables and a delightful Infrared Sauna at the back.

Life doesn’t get more relaxing than this.

Our first treatment is the signature Marma Point Massage. The treatment encompasses relaxation, rejuvenation and beautification with help from herbal Ayurvedic OmVeda products that are strategically picked based on our Doshas. The treatment is designed to relieve pain, activate blood circulation and stimulate and strengthen the lymphatic system, along with opening the flow of life and force to cleanse and revitalise the body. “The Marma Point Massage promises to awaken Marma points within the body to activate blood circulation and strengthen the brain's function.” A Marma is known as a meeting place of five organic principles – ligaments, vessels, muscles, bones and joints. There are 107 Marma points in our bodies, with seven of these our main Chakra points. “In keeping with Enosis' philosophy of caring for the mind, body and soul, we have incorporated Ayurvedic techniques and products as they promote purification and the removal of energetic obstructions so that the pathways are clear and healing can manifest.” Our massage goes beyond the power of touch, tapping into other senses of the body to reap the holistic benefits to the mind, body and spirit. The outcome? A beautifully unique and invigorating experience.

We transition comfortably after our massage into the Infrared Sauna. The oils used in our massage penetrate deep into the skin to help remove body fatigue, excess fat and dry skin, while stimulating the nerves and nourishing the skin. We discover the most valuable health benefit of the treatment is removing toxins from the body through sweat, resulting in extreme relaxation and purification. “Studies have shown that the sweat of people using the Infra Red Saunas was 80-85 per cent water with the 15-20 per cent non-water component being cholesterol, fat soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals such as mercury and aluminium, sulphuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. This unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat-soluble toxins is not found in the sweat from normal exercise.” The Infrared Sauna is much easier to breathe and relax in than your traditional sauna or steam room, making the process suitable to enjoy mindfully, with some light reading or with the company of a loved one. Detoxifying has never been more comfortable and productive in releasing the body of built up toxins.

We leave Enosis in an utterly blissful state. We feel in touch with our bodies, in touch with our surroundings and in touch with each other. The power of detoxification is so incredibly empowering and has dramatic effects on your health and wellbeing. We found that understanding our Doshas and having a truly Ayurvedic experience was really valuable.

We walked into Enosis with open minds and open hearts, and walked out of Enosis radiating positive vibrations.


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