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Happy easter 25 March 2015

Easter Made Easy

Easter is right around the corner! Whether you are travelling, hosting or just bringing the wine, this Holiday (just like any!) can stir up some serious stress. But what if it didn’t have to?

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April Fools Day 25 March 2015

No Kidding: April Fool’s Day is good for your health!

You may not appreciate getting pranked with a whoopee cushion, or having hot sauce put in your food on April Fool’s Day, but a good laugh may actually be just what the doctor ordered.

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Live your Truth 13 March 2015

Living Your Truth

‘Know thyself’, declared the Oracle at Delphi thousands and thousands of years ago. Today, those words still resonate with us

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Drop the salt 24 February 2015

Drop the Salt: A Naturopath’s Perspective

In 2007, the Australian Division of World Action on Salt & Health (AWASH) launched a 5 year salt-reduction campaign named ‘Drop the Salt’. Why? Because on average, Australians are consuming over double the suggested dietary target of 4g of salt per day! But what does this mean?

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Uncovering the Myth 24 February 2015

Uncovering the Myth: A good cleanser should foam on the skin

Many of us believe that if your cleanser foams, it is working. Not only is this false, but it is hazardous to your health.

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Heal;thy Hydration 24 February 2015

Healthy Hydration

We all know that water is crucial for our health seeing as though our body is comprised of approximately 60% of water; but what function does water actually play?

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