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Australia's Best Weight Management Program at Enosis 28 May 2015

Australia's Best Weight Management Program for 2015

We have all been there before - with events like weddings where glamour is set to reign, or a summer getaway where bikini bodies are flaunted, we’re tempted to do everything necessary to shed those unwanted kilos in time. But is choosing a crash diet over a healthy diet plan really the right decision? Research has indicated such dieting has a negative impact on your overall health, often unnoticeable for years.

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Disconnect to Reconnect 28 April 2015

Disconnect to Reconnect

50% of people prefer to communicate digitally than in person;

1/3 of people would rather clean their toilets than their inbox;

The average employee spends 2 hours a day recovering from online distractions;

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Mothers Day 28 April 2015

Celebrate the Gift of being a Mother

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which makes me question the real purpose of it. Is the holiday to recognise the mother, or is it really to give thanks for the blessing of a child?

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pesronality Test 25 March 2015

What could a walk in the woods say about your personality?

Read the following questions, imagining the scenes in your mind, and write down the FIRST thing you visualise. Do NOT think about the questions excessively.

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Happy easter 25 March 2015

Easter Made Easy

Easter is right around the corner! Whether you are travelling, hosting or just bringing the wine, this Holiday (just like any!) can stir up some serious stress. But what if it didn’t have to?

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April Fools Day 25 March 2015

No Kidding: April Fool’s Day is good for your health!

You may not appreciate getting pranked with a whoopee cushion, or having hot sauce put in your food on April Fool’s Day, but a good laugh may actually be just what the doctor ordered.

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