Juliette Armand Custom Medi-facial

Custom Medi-facials at Enosis Medi-spa

Additional Info

  • Duration:

    Custom Medi Facial - 60 minutes
    Custom Mini Facial - 30 minutes
    Teen Facial - 45 minutes
    Men's Facial - 45 minutes

  • Service Amount:

    Custom Medi Facial - $100
    Custom Mini Facial - $65
    Teen Facial - $65
    Men's Facial - $65

    Add On Therapies

    Caviar Eye Patches (intensive anti-wrinkle) $20
    Collagen Facial sheet $30
    Extractions (blackheads and pustules) 15 min. $15
    Neck Therapy (lifting, firming & revitalising) $25
    Scalp massage 15 min. $20

  • What you can expect:

    Custom Medi-Facials are tailored to your skin's needs and include a skin assessment, double cleanse, light peel and exfoliation, tailor made mask, facial steam, and hand, arm and facial massage. Repair, nourish and hydrate your skin. 

    The Custom Medi-Facial can be repeated every 4-6 weeks for skin maintenance.

Enosis Medi-Clinic

Elements of Evolution is a cosmeceutical product range created by Juliette Armand originating in Greece since 1992. Using their own chemists they have developed their own patented formulations. Mixing the latest in scientific advancements of active ingredients in cosmetology. Merge this together with the beautiful ingredients from nature, concluding in the wonderful creation of Juliette Armand Skincare. All products are dermatologically tested, no paraben, mineral oil, Propylene Glycol and Allergen free.

Juliette Armand Medical strength facials use a combination of chirally correct and botanically active ingredients which penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin at a cellular level for maximum clinical results without skin irritation or trauma. Feeding your skin with the vital nutrients it needs, Medi-Facials help to build collagen and reduce the signs of ageing, pigmentation, dullness, dehydration and acne.

Our Medi-Facials promise to deliver youthful, glowing skin and complexion with the delivery of active ingredients and antioxidants.   

Customise your Medi-Facial around the following skin concerns

• Anti-Aging
• Decongesting
• Acne Clearing
• Rosacea Calming
• Skin Damage Healing
• Brightening
• Re-Hydrating
• Pigment Reducing

Custom Mini Facial

At Enosis we are result based therefore our selected product range have chirally corrected active ingredients, for maximum clinical results without unnecessary irritation or trauma. Certified organic ingredients are used wherever possible (pesticide free). Our products are cross gender.

For those on the run - 30mins

A gentle nourishing and calming facial for all skin types. Perfect for those with limited time! Enosis Custom Mini-Facials are designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

The Facial assists with;

• Deep exfoliating and cleansing skin
• Refine skin
• Unclog pores and brighten complexion

Teen Facial

There are many benefits of facials, but for teens in particular, facials will help clean out blackheads and clogged pores caused by oil production. Skin care products used at home can only help reduce clogged pores. Also, facials are geared to problem solve. The level of the intensity of a facial is contingent on the severity of the skin’s issues. Teens tend to have problem skin, but what works for some might not work for others. Our therapist can offer advise on the best way to address a teen’s specific skin concerns.

Part of getting a facial is receiving a lesson from experts on how to care for the skin properly. This information includes which products will work best for each person based on his or her skin type and the client will learn how to care for his or her skin at home to maintain the results of a facial.


• Define skin type and areas of concern    
• Deep exfoliating and cleansing skin
• Refine skin; Eliminates dry, rough patches
• Unclog pores and brighten complexion

Men's Facial

Designed to soften bearded areas for ease in shaving and providing a deep cleansing for the skin. A specialised hydrating mask will leave your skin looking and feeling firmer, clearer and softer than before. Neck, shoulder and scalp massage included.

The Facial assists with;

• Repairing sun damage and preventing pigmentation
• Removing dead skin cells and promoting a youthful glow
• Treating acne and unclogging pores
• Fine lines around the eyes
• Eliminating dry, rough or oily patches and balancing the skin

Disclaimer: Please note that not all services are available in all locations

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