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  • Duration: 75 Minutes
  • Service Amount: $95

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OmVeda Body Exfoliation

Warm herbalised oil specifically selected to balance and nurture is gently streamed over your body. Customized herbal powders are then sprinkled on the oil followed by an energetic and vigorous exfoliation. The treatment awakens the cells, removes impurities, improves circulation, improves skin texture and leaves you feeling energized and regenerated. To finish the treatment a body rehydrating moisturiser is massaged into the body. 

Ayurveda principles

At Enosis our staff are trained in the Ayurveda principles. The term “Ayurveda” means “science of life” and it is a holistic system that seeks the wellbeing of the person based on their dosha or constitution (vata, pitta or kapha) and their vikritis (dosha imbalances that cause disease) to adapt both the essential oils that are used as the pace and strength of the specific massage. OmVeda products are made from100% all natural herbal ingredients used extensively throughout history for their exceptional healing properties in the care of the skin, body, hair care and overall wellbeing.

Omveda Body Treatments

Rich in culture and tradition, the OmVeda Ayurvedic Body Treatments for the face, body and hair incorporate herbology, topical treatment and massage true to ancient Ayruvedic teachings that offers all the benefits of this exceptional healing system.

These organic treatments help to restore vitality and rejuvenate the body on every level – mind, body and spirit. Marma Point Massage forms a major part of these body treatments which are deeply relaxing and calming as well as alleviating and preventing aging, health problems and stress.

A marma is understood as a junction  or meeting place of five organic principles – ligaments, vessels, muscles, bones & joints. There are 107 Marma points in the body of which 7 are the main chakra points. The massage is a unique treatment for aches and pains. The oils selected for the appropriate body type (Pinda Taila for Vata, Calming for Pitta, Karporadhi for Kapha) help to tone the muscles, improve circulation and skin tone.

The use of warmed specific herbal massage oils is the key to totally pamper, heal and relax.

The oils also help remove body fatigue, excess fat, skin dryness, stimulate nerves and remove bad odours and nourish the skin.

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