The Perfect Summer Body: A Painless Alternative

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The Perfect Summer Body 08 December 2014 The Perfect Summer Body

The Perfect Summer Body: A Painless Alternative

The ugly truth about weight loss surgery, and a healthier alternative
Have you heard the saying, “summer bodies are made in winter”? As you (and I included) chuckle at the thought of it, I bet you’re thinking: did I miss the deadline?

Have you heard the saying, “summer bodies are made in winter”? As you (and I included) chuckle at the thought of it, I bet you’re thinking: did I miss the deadline?

The answer is no. There is no right time to start working on your ‘perfect’ summer body, there is only time itself. But with our busy daily schedules, it’s easy to turn to seamlessly easy and quick alternatives to weight loss; like Gastric Band Surgery. But is it worth it?

From the sheer number of people having Gastric Band Surgery in Australia, it would appear so. In the past 10 years, numbers have soared by 800%, with the most popular type of surgery being Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery (LACB), which accounts for more than 90% of cases.

Impressive right? But what these statistics fail to do is acknowledge the ugly side of weight loss surgery.

Gastric Band Surgery actually has NO guarantee of success. Keeping in mind that your Medicare and Private Health insurance only cover around $1,000 – it leaves you to pay an estimated $10,000 for an intensive procedure with no promise.  

Along with the hefty price-tag, this procedure has a long recovery process (contradicting the ‘time effectiveness’), and many fatal risks attached. These include potential complications like infection, internal bleeding, vomiting, gastritis and ulceration; as well as the potential for the band to slip, bulge through the skin, or in some cases erode.

So if you’re thinking about Gastric Band Surgery – think again! The healthier alternative is here.

We sat down with our resident clinical Hypnotherapist to talk about Virtual Gastric Banding. And no, that isn’t a typo. The mind is what creates our thoughts of hunger and indulgence, so why not use the mind to heal or change our way of thinking.
“I believe the body mirrors the state of mind. Learning to shift the mindset about yourself and food creates different ways of thinking, leading to different actions and different behaviors”.

It is no secret that most people’s unhealthy eating may stem from underlying beliefs, and if those beliefs remain the same, it will be challenging to shift weight. So it comes as no surprise then, that Gastric Band Surgery is not always successful, nor sustainable.

Virtual Gastric Banding on the other hand, is a safe and natural alternative, with no health-strings-attached. Performed under hypnosis, it is a non-invasive virtual surgery experience which helps you at a deeper level.

We asked our resident Hypnotherapist to describe the hypnosis procedure in four steps:

1.    Release unhealthy beliefs that sabotage you and keep you stuck in that unhelpful mindset.
2.    Suggest to the subconscious mind that we only need to eat foods that nourish our body and keep it alive.
3.    Drink more water every day to flush out toxins which are released when we begin to dissolve fat.
4.    Exercise to improve well-being and aid in quicker weight release.

"Clients have not only shed noticeable weight, but feel happier, have a better night’s sleep, gain more energy, and begin to reverse medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol with Virtual Gastric Band Surgery”.

So if you missed the ‘deadline’ to achieving your ‘perfect’ summer body, and want to find out more about Virtual Gastric Band Surgery and the power of your mind and your subconscious, call us or visit our website,

Unlock your inner strength this summer with the painless alternative – Virtual Gastric Band Surgery – now on offer at Enosis Medi-spa & Wellness Centres.  

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