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Weight Mangement

Top reasons for Losing Weight

1.    Looking good means feeling great. Excess body fat can affect your self-esteem and is linked to the development of mood-related disorders such as Depression and anxiety.
2.    It can improve energy levels. More energy means more vitality.
3.    It reduces cardiovascular risk. Being overweight dramatically increases your risk of dying from the number one killer – heart disease.
4.    Protects against cancer. Obesity is strongly associated with the development of several cancers, including colon, breast, endometrial, kidney and oesophageal Cancer.
5.    It will promote healthy ageing. Consider fat loss as a type of life insurance.
6.    Improved sex life. One of the major risk factors for impotence in men is excess body weight. Losing weight may not only make you feel more attractive but improve sexual function, particularly erectile function in men.
7.    Improved fertility. Overweight men and women are known to have high rates of infertility. Losing weight is a good idea if you are planning a family.
8.    Reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

We take into consideration the different factors which could be affecting your weight such as:

•    Lifestyle factors
•    Stress
•    Thyroid problems
•    Liver problems
•    Digestion problems
•    Cravings
•    Blood sugar balancing problems

Our Weight Loss Programs

•    Blood Group Diet
•    Meal Planning
•    Hypnotherapy
•    Virtual Gastric Banding
•    Cambridge System
•    Weight Loss Coaching


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We look forward to helping you attain your goals. 

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Call us on (03) 9879 7461 or click on the contact us button and one of our friendly staff will assist you!
The key to healthy weight loss is understanding what caused the weight gain in the first place.
You will receive dietary and lifestyle advice on how to achieve your lifestyle and weight goals, that you will be able to take home.
On follow-up visits with the naturopath, you will be given more detailed assessment to assist you to track your progress and ongoing dietary/nutritional support to keep you motivated.

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